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All applicants must carefully read over and over the forms and understand it before filling it. CMG Consult wishes to outline the following terms and conditions as part of the contract definition in consideration of mutual promises and commitments in agreement, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged and the parties agree as follows:

DEFINITIONS: 1.1. AGREEMENT - CMG Consult will provide the services in respect to the promises from the date of agreement for a period of time until and including the date subject to clause 2.3 as hereinafter provided under the terms and conditions.

1.2. SERVICES - Throughout the Term or period CMG Consult shall provide the services with the terms and conditions of this agreement.

1.3. CLIENTS OBLIGATIONS - In consideration for the provision by CMG Consult on the grounds of the services, the Client shall pay CMG Consult the Agreed Charges in accordance with the Terms and conditions of this Agreement.

1.0 An agreed amount shall be charged to the client as service fee charged by CMG Consult to facilitate the following;

1.1. Bank Statement

1.3. Tax Clearance Certificate

1.4. Employment Letter

1.5. Letter Of Introduction

1.6. Visa Application Fee

1.7. Biometric Taking Fees

1.8. All other supporting and required document to help facilitate the visa application.